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"With a myriad of shoulder, back and neck injuries I am an expert on physical therapists.  Back in Form Physical Therapy is outstanding. It is a convenient and beautiful location on the barrier island.   Shannon and Michael Hauser are caring, competent, hands-on and professional in their approach.  Michael is an accomplished golfer which has been helpful to me.  On top of all this they are very nice people.  I would give them my highest recommendation."    Pat Walsh, Vero Beach, Florida

What do physical therapists do?

Most people can tell stories about how a physical therapist helped get rid of a friend's back pain, or helped after a loved one got hurt.

But if you haven't had treatment, here's what you need to know...

Physical therapists are movement experts who:

  • help patients reduce pain from orthopedic problems (like low back pain)
  • help patients recover from knee surgery and regain function
  • help patients be able to walk again after suffering a stroke
  • help people with everyday aches and pains that impact quality of life

But we're trained to do more than just treat problems. We also like to stop them from happening too.

Physical therapists help preserve mobility and prevent injuries that could could cause problems down the line.

We do that in various ways:

  • consulting in industrial settings to improve workplace design, reducing workers' risk of overusing certain muscles and/or developing low back pain
  • providing services to athletes (at all levels) to screen for potential problems and create preventive exercise programs
  • consulting with golfers and fitness clubs to develop safe and effective workouts, especially for people with joints or back pain

How do physical therapists treat patients?

We use a combination of therapeutic exercise and functional training.

That means that in addition to "hands-on" care, physical therapists also design exercise programs and educate you about how to exercise and take care of yourself to prevent further injuries.

Our treatments can include:

  • "mobilizing" a joint (getting patients to perform certain types of movements and maximize range of motion)
  • massaging a muscle to promote proper movement and function
  • using ultrasound (which uses high frequency waves to produce heat) 
  • using hot packs, electrical stimulation, mechanical traction, iontophoresis and ice

Is physical therapy covered by insurance?

Most physical therapy treatments are covered by your insurance, but that coverage will vary with each plan.

One final note: although various practitioners offer some of these treatments and call them "physical therapy", in reality physical therapy can only be provided legally by qualified physical therapists or by physical therapist assistants.

  • physical therapists must complete a seven year degree and pass a state and national license exam before they can practice.
  • physical therapist assistants must complete a two year degree and also pass a state and national license exam.

We hope that this answers your questions about physical therapy and look forward to working with you!

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